Our Nano products are Superphobic this means it is both Hydrophobic ( repels liquid ) and Oleophobic ( repels oils and grease ).

Water Purification

Poly–Glu(PGα21Ca) “Magic Powder”

From the fermentation of Soya Bean comes the Product: Poly-Glu (PGα21Ca) a floccluant which consist of Poly glutamic acid and Calcium. It transforms water of awful smell of ponds, wells and rivers into safe, clean and drinkable quality water in a very short time by sticking to dirt most and arsenic materials in dirty and polluted water and making it sink right to the bottom. The use of Poly-Glu guaranty Chlorine free water, offers the simple and life improving input.

Mobile Water treatment Device

This is a simple water treatment facility which consists of Flocculation and Sedimentation tanks unit, filtration unit, Ultra Violet Sterilizer, pumps and reservoir and water supply unit, with Poly-Glu (PGα21Ca) as floccluant. Our mobile water treatment device has capacity range of 3000L/hour and an average capacity of 70,000L/Day to produce safe, clean and drinkable quality water, with this there is assurance for accessibility and affordability.


Crystalusion Plus

Doesn't affect the viewing clarity or aesthetic look of any device. Because the Crystalusion PLUS layer is formed at the nanoscale it is completely invisible to the naked eye and because it is 100% light permeable it will not alter screen resolution or colour clarity. This creates an easy-to-clean surface, reducing the cleaning time of the protected surfaces significantly.

Crystalusion™ – The germs ratio contained per square inch on toilet seat to a Smartphone is 1200 :25000 making smartphone the filthiest. Crystalusion ™ protection generates an invisible hygienic surface that keeps the germs away and your device clean. Crystalusion

It also guarantees no bubbles since it is applied as liquid leaving no air between your device and the protective layer Our nanotechnology is diamond tested- You spend a lot of money to buy protection for your mobile phone screen and yet doesn't fit exactly for your device. With this coating your device will be scratch proof as the installed layer is 600% more scratch resistant than other forms of protection