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We bring innovative and effective solution that will help the corporate sector and private individuals.

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Who We Are

SNAPSHIELD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a company incorporated in Nigeria with innovative and effective solution that solves critical problems.

SNAPSHIELD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a company incorporated in Nigeria with company registration number RC1424702. We are dedicated and passionate to spot out inventions and effective technologies that solve critical problems and make decisions on their commercial potential. We are quick to respond requesting details and ways to bring it to our people in order to improve on the standard of living.


What defines us is our mission and the value we propose, which is unique and people oriented


Our products are designed for 99.5% efficiency; easy to use, safe and environmental friendly with zero carbon footprint impact on the ecosystem. Our services are designed to follow standard safety practices and we ensure good customer relations.


Having a healthy you, your family and your community is our way of building not just your health alone but also your purchasing power. With our products you are sure to build your finances by four times the amount you spend on our products/ services.


Launch out into great success with us as we mitigate against diseases and you could ever be protected you can never remain precluded from taking a leap and lunch to success as you make our products/services your choice.

What We Do

Safe drinking water solution and smart protection (Nano Solution).

We have what it takes to ensure both corporate and private individuals maintain and have safe, clean and drinkable water. We also ensure that everyone can have nano protection solution at their reach, which entails anti-wet, anti-scratch and clear visiblity.

Clean environment and work equipment including personal protection equipment is achievable, Which is one of our services that guaranty spill containment, clean equipment, less energy involvement and better environment. Thus preventive contingency is our approach to global goals of safety, industrial and environmental protection.

Social Impact

Coating health care facilities with our superphobic coating enables reduction in influenza virus multiplication essentially a 100% efficiency within minutes, as well as airborne human pathogenic bacteria -Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Our coatings do not allow antibodies adhesion on surfaces and promotes easy clean, anti-scratch. The resultant activity of the painted surface has been elucidated as essential social impact.
Our superphobic coatings can help effectively in the Prevention of Marine bacterial adhesion and the formation of biofilms in the offshore oil and gas exploration, and Marine industries thus corrosion could as well reduce by more 20%.

Mobile Water treatment Device

This is a simple water treatment facility which consists of Flocculation and Sedimentation tanks unit, filtration unit, Ultra Violet Sterilizer, pumps and reservoir and water supply unit, with Poly-Glu (PGα21Ca) as floccluant. Our mobile water treatment device has capacity range of 3000L/hour and an average capacity of 70,000L/Day to produce safe, clean and drinkable quality water, with this there is assurance for accessibility and affordability.

Our Partners

Our company is one of the world's providers of modern technologies that solve critical problems. We build bridges with our partners who are committed to establishing their priorities which is to bring social changes to individuals, families, communities etc. Our Partnership ensures safe water for all and superphobic protection from nanotechnological coatings which will as well ensure good santiation across the nation. We see water as the elixir of life if kept clean and safe for drinking.

Man Project Foundation
Crystalusion Limited
Trifli Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Port Harcourt Water Corporation (PHWC)
Nippon Poly-Glu Company Ltd

Contact Us

Please get in touch and let's make life great together. Let's turn your unclean water safe and Drinkable and your smart Devices and equipment nano protected on every side. +234(803) 305 8450

Where To Find Us

9 Vincent Amadi Close
Off Rumuapu Road,
Off Rukpokwu - Eneka Road
Port Harcourt, Rivers State
00176 NG

Akwaka Junction Along Sars Road
Off Airport Road Rukpokwu,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State

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